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Ride Cowboy Ride

Be sure to be in Salmon, Idaho on Saturday, July 27. Dance at the WTRRA 2013 Cowboy Ball until your feet get tired. Performances by the Johnny U and the Moon Pie Band plus silent and live auctions. Check in at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast and we'll show you how to get to the ball. 



Lemhi County Museum and Salmon River Spokes and Chrome

A great way to spend Father's Day afternoon is at the Salmon City Park to attend the annual Spokes and Chrome Father's Day car show and BBQ, June 14,15, and 16. General admission is $2.00. Bring your car and register for $40 and be eligible for all kinds of prizes and other benefits. Also, take some time and visit the museum, Lemhi County and the City of Salmon are celebrating 50 years of preserving local history.


Cowboys we got! Salmon, Leadore, Challis, and all points in between have lots of cows and lots of cowboys. It's all part of what we do in this part of our country. To experience more of the old west, come to Salmon and take a day or two just to look around and see for yourself. Sometime, you needn't look any further than the main highway, US 93, where cowboys sometimes drive their herds on the highway right-of-way. If you see this, drive with extreme caution. 

Great Anniversary Party!

Well we all had a great time celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary, we were married on April 24th, 1963 by a Justice of the Peace in Marsing Idaho. Can't believe it has been that many years ago the we were drinking Cold Duck under the bridge across the Snake River. Here are a couple of pics from our party. A Special Thanks to all who helped us celebrate.


New baby chicks!


Hello new news from the Girls (chickens) one of the girls has new babys under her. Cute little Jersey Black Giants to help with the egg laying. It will be awhile before the start  to lay, but they sure are cute now. The adoped mom is also setting on 5 eggs. Hopefully they will hatch.




Wild Wild West

Well, wild, wild West might be stretching it a bit! But we are very unique in what we offer to you here in Salmon, Idaho. Please take the time to play our video and see for yourself the unspoiled beauty of the mountains and lakes and the many outdoor activities Salmon, Idaho has to offer. We are close enough to the Frank Church Wilderness to validate the claim that our area is unspoiled, pristine, beautiful, oh yes, and wild too.

Still is the Old West

Hello U.S.. and International travelers. We are situated in an area of the Western United States that has not changed much since the first explorers came here. We are located in East -Central Idaho within eyeshot of the Montana's Western border. If you wish  to visit part of the Old West, then be sure to include us in your summer travel plans. The nearest "big" cities of pop 50,000 or more are 150 miles away from us, so please don't come here expecting to find large shopping malls. We can promise you lots of space, wide vistas and glimpses of wildlife.   




Whitewater Rafting

Love the river?
Try Whitewater Rafting or Fishing on the Salmon River right from the Greyhouse Inn.
Salmon River Rafting

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