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The Greyhouse Inn B & B is in the perfect location for those who are touring the West on motorcyles. Our locatation, on Highway 93 at milepost 293, is a natural rest stop for motorcyclist traveling North on their way to Glacier National Park. For the cyclist heading South to Yellowstone, the Greyhouse is directly in your path!

The Greyhouse Inn is located roughly 340 miles South of Glacier Park and approximately 235 miles Northwest of West Yellowstone. 

Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast

The location of the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast surely qualifies it as a Country Inn. One cannot be much more country than here. We are located a couple of miles from the  45th parallel which geographically puts us halfway between somewhere and somewhere else. This is significant if one is traveling on US Highway 93 has somewhat lost their bearings and want to know precisely where they are! So, when you see the 45th parallel sign just drive two more miles north and you will see the Inn.


Wedding Anniversary at the B & B

Happy wedding anniversary to us, Dave and Sharon Osgood, owners of the Greyhouse Inn B & B in Salmon, Idaho. This is the first time our anniversary has fallen on Easter. In fact, this is the first time since 1859 that Easter has fallen on the 24th of April! I know this to be true because I googled it, and yahoo told me so, and I know they are not going to lie. Happy Easter to all. 


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